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flat not hitting the notes off key etc

but yet I still kinda like this? its me singing a gospel song I don't usually cover enough of these songs but since I'm a Christian I just fancied covering a gospel song for a change I know it contradicts my rock music cause some of the rock music I listen to is against Christianity etc but that's a different story anyway I hope you like it too even though I'm flat not hitting the notes and off key etc I appreciate my effort and I am sick of being so hard on myself I'm doing all I can to improve my vocals such as vocal exercises and breathing exercises and singing lessons


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,372Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    I appreciate your effort, and your sincerity. Give yourself a chance to work on the mechanics that will help you to bring all of your songs closer into tune and pitch. It's work, but you'll be more satisfied with your recordings after you work on building the foundation to your voice. You do have pitch issues to tackle. But you can to that one day at a time. You can be accepting of yourself, and still work on the things you need to work on.

    So, like has been said before, let's start working on accuracy with some of the scales, and practicing accuracy. We all start from somewhere, and find our way and keep going.
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