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2 weeks into volume 1.

I start volume 1 and this is 2 weeks into it after practicing every morning. I am looking for advice, suggestions, criticisms and thoughts please. I would greatly appreciate it.


  • videoacevideoace Posts: 622Pro, 2.0 PRO
    @Spiderzebra First off I would like to say that you have a nice sounding voice. I think you're really going to love what this course does for you.

    The Moderators prefer if you present your Lah scales for any type of evaluation, and accompanied by either the audio scales with Ken, or just with the piano scales so they can reference pitch. You can also use your own instrument too if that's an option.

    If you do submit a song for criticism it's the same thing. Have something in the background to reference pitch. Just make sure your vocals are loud enough over backing music so everybody can hear your vocals clearly.

    Other than that? Strap yourself in, you're about to find a whole new you inside there.

    Peace, Tony
  • SpiderzebraSpiderzebra Posts: 4Member, 2.0 PRO
    Thank you for the insight. I appreciate it.
  • SpiderzebraSpiderzebra Posts: 4Member, 2.0 PRO
    I do have a band btw if any one of interested.
  • SpiderzebraSpiderzebra Posts: 4Member, 2.0 PRO
    How about this. I covered Youth Gone Wild by skid row

  • videoacevideoace Posts: 622Pro, 2.0 PRO
    edited January 12
    It's really hard to hear the music, but away from that......
    Sebastion Bach i s a hard vocalist to tackle at 2 weeks in. I can tell now that pitch probably won't be an issue for you, but I would work on your breath support. " It's the engine that drives everything".

    Once you get a handle, and understanding of your breath support, It will allow you to sing with more power while not using a lot of volume, and stress to do it.

    As far as the performance, I really don't want to criticise you so early because in 2-3 months or more, you're going to sound a lot different (for the better). But you are singing an octave lower with not much power behind it.

    Peace, Tony
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 12,291Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    We can give you much more helpful advice if you will post a demo of you doing the basic LAH scale. We want to hear you applying the basic foundational principles of the course to see how you are doing.
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