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me none autotuned vs autotuned

I sound better autotuned but I still sound terrible heres one not autotuned

autotuned verison

ive been doing vocal scales and breathing exercises and everything and ive gotten worse if anything should I just give up??


  • Number one, not a fan of autotune at all. It's a crutch.

    Two, you have only been here a short time. Just keep working the scales, and learning the techniques.
    It takes a while to process, and implement these techniques into actual singing. There is a lot going on when you sing.

    What I've learned through my short time here is to be relaxed when you sing, and always give it your best no matter who is watching, or what anybody says. Do that and you should be OK, but give it some time.

    If you do give up, you'll always wonder if you could have done it. (and I'm sure you can)

    It's like anything else, if you want to be successful, you have to work your hiney off, and no short cuts.

    Peace, Tony
  • blondiewalesblondiewales Posts: 326Pro
    Hey, you shouldn't give up. I agree that one shouldn't rely on autotune to sound good. However, if you go and record at most modern studios, they'll usually pitch correct you unless you specifically request otherwise. Even then, sometimes the mix engineer will do it anyway. We're sneaky. The lesson here is that most of modern vocals you hear ARE pitch corrected even if the singer is good. Our ears are flawed in the sense that it is near impossible to get a vocal 100% pitch perfect in the way that a tuned piano line would be. So don't feel too bad if it feels like autotune is doing a lot to your voice. You could get Miley Cyrus to record into Smule, and if you turned on the autotune, you would still hear the effect. It doesn't necessarily denote a bad vocal, because as artists we slide and glide our notes in a way that Smule's autotune doesn't consider correct.

    Also, Smule's autotune is very slapdash. Actual pitch correction takes time and is an engineering skill that takes practice within itself. That might anger some people, and I'm not saying we should rely on it, but there it is. My point is I don't want you to feel discouraged by thinking "oh even autotune can't make me sound good" because you've likely never been properly recorded and engineered. If it makes you feel better, if you came into my studio and I sat you down in front of a mic, I'm confident I could get an album-worthy vocal recording out of you. And I'm far from a world-class engineer.

    So strive to improve because you definitely have room to get better. But don't feel like you're horrible because you're not.
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,491Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    I have to disagree with you @ashfittis, you have gotten a lot better. I noticed it immediately. You still hit some notes that are incorrect, but the ones you are singing with correct tune sound about 400% better than what I heard you doing a couple of months ago. If you would actually study the songs and learn to hit the few notes that are off in better tune, you would be sounding that much better. You'll have to be more objective about it. Instead of just bashing yourself you will have to go "I sound good here and here, but not here. Am I flat or sharp? Oh. OK. Got it. Here. I need to practice this one part over and over and over to make sure I'm in-tune on this part when it comes around.

    You have the makings of a singer. You have a good sass and attitude that people will like to hear. But you gotta get ALL of the notes right. Not flat, not sharp. And that means a little bit of work.

    I'm impressed with your progress. You really need to work the KTVA Scales. A LOT. And pay strict attention to getting the notes right. ALL of the notes. THAT's going to make the difference between NIGHT and DAY on your ability to actually make it all the way through the songs you want to sing, and to do them well.

    And I liked the Non-Autotune version better. The auto tune didn't help on the notes you were too low or too high for it to fix. And the reverb didn't sound so good either. Your voice sounded fine on the first version, with the exception of the notes you weren't on-pitch.

    So do the work. Learn what you are doing that sounds good and do more of it. Pay strict attention to what you are doing that doesn't sound so good, and make it sound a little bit better every time you try it again.

    If you keep improving as much as you already have, you can do a lot with your voice. But you have to want it. And you have to face the parts that need work and do that work. It's doable. So do it!
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,491Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Rehab was the best of the 3. You did a pretty good job on that one. Some pitch issues on the first two. Work on your lesson scales. They will help you get better with pitch accuracy, if you work them a lot and really do active listening.
  • blondiewalesblondiewales Posts: 326Pro
    I posted here a while ago and am only now looking back. I'm glad you didn't quit. Keep it up. Speed of progress isn't as important as consistent progress.
  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,491Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    I think it would help you to maybe get an inexpensive keyboard, maybe at a second-hand store.
    I found one for nine dollars at a garage sale. Use it to Pitch-match. And on a song like this, go note-by-note and identify each note in the main melody. Then, before recording it, go note-by-note through the notes you have figured out for the melody, and one at a time, sing those notes.

    What is happening on this, is that about 75% of the notes you are singing are right on the money. The other 25% are random, and not even close. I think that's because you haven't really learned the melody, note-for-note. OR those particular notes are hard for you to hit, or the interval from the previous note is hard for you to judge. That's all just part of learning to sing.
    You can't just guess or let it be "whatever". Whatever won't cut it.

    Singing is a discipline, and the better we get at approximating correct notes and melodies, the more free we can become with it, within those confines. You need to work on your confines.

    That's why I'm waiting to hear your exercises. You won't get there by continuing to skip that part of the process, given the issues you are having with singing songs. Your voice sounds good, but you need to work on being able to hit the right notes, all of the time. That's what scales will condition you to do, as you do the work it takes to get them accurate.

    The scales are a laboratory to work on the issues with our voices. You can't skip that and get to where you really want to be. You want to be able to post songs and have people not make comments about "a little flat" etc. In order to get there, you have some work cut out for you.

    I like this song, and I like the parts where you are singing the right notes. Then, right in the middle, comes a note that you haven't worked on getting right. All of the notes need to be right in order for the song to be the way you really want it to be.

    Keep working the scales. They will help you with hitting intervals. They will reveal where you need to put more work. They will help you to develop tone. They will make your voice stronger and more reliable.

    You've made progress, but you need to work the course to make better progress.
  • bentkbentk Posts: 1,100Pro, 2.0 PRO
    edited March 2018
    You need to drink enough water, not just for your vocal health. 1.5 to 2 litres a day is pretty good.

    Concerning your other habits, it goes without saying that most of these can be detrimental to your voice and will not help you on your way in becoming a better singer.

    However, a few cups of coffee aren't going to do you much or any harm, unless you experience side effects. Keep alcohol to a minimum or nothing at all, and try and get rid of any smoking. There are loads of side effects to smoking which occur over longer time periods (and some in short time periods). This concerns your overal health too.

    I don't want to go on about health because this is not the topic for that, but this is my advice. I wish you all the best with it!

    And finally, like Bob suggests, uploading some audio of yourself doing the scales will be very informative for people here, so they can give you some better advice.

    All the best,

  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,491Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
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