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my attempt at rock candy

guitar and vocals straight into the board and daw,
don't be shy on criticism



  • Bass up, guitar down, and when you sing and play guitar like that....... try to add those little fills (solos) on the guitar when you have a short break in the singing. It's the type of song that doesn't have to be played exactly, and It won't tie up your thoughts when you are trying to sing.

    Peace, Tony
  • boomerangpaulboomerangpaul Posts: 7Enrolled, 2.0 PRO
    How is pitch and tone?
  • I think because you're trying to concentrate on doing those fills while trying to sing that it's throwing everything off. timing, pitch, tone, the whole shebang.
    Try just playing a solid rhythm while you sing the lines, and when you get a break, tear it up. You trying both at the same time like that is throwing off concentration of both the guitar, and vocals.
    I think it could sound really good if you can get the coordination down.

    Pat Traverse is pretty good at throwing in little solos after his lines. Check out some of his stuff. Jimi Hendrix, but we can't all be like Jimi. He was definitely one of a kind.

    Anyway, keep plugging away.

    Peace, Tony
  • boomerangpaulboomerangpaul Posts: 7Enrolled, 2.0 PRO
    I apprecaite what you are saying
  • boomerangpaulboomerangpaul Posts: 7Enrolled, 2.0 PRO
    edited March 2018
    several attempts later, cleaned up the guitar and recorded voice as a different track.

  • The vocals came out better this time. I can hear you trying to hold air back, but it's to the point where your notes at the end of a line/phrase doesn't sustain that much. Try smoothing those out a little bit.

    This time the guitar was too low, but everything else had a good mix. Also watch the main output volumes they seem high

    Not bad my friend.

    Peace, Tony
  • boomerangpaulboomerangpaul Posts: 7Enrolled, 2.0 PRO
    Thanks Tony. I'm so worried about pitch, now to worry about tone and sustain.
    recording is definitely humbling. nothing like I thought I sound like.
  • It definitely doesn't lie, but will make you a better singer in the process. Just keep at it.

    I wouldn't worry. I would be excited that those things (tone/sustain) are going to happen. I get excited when I'm working on something specific because I know it will happen as long as I follow the instructions, and practice it.

    Relax, and enjoy the process.

    Peace, Tony

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