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Hoe long does it take to become good at singing?

I don't mean to be impatient but just curious how long did it take you guys to be good?


  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 849Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Holy loaded question Batman!!!! (Sorry, I had to do that)

    The obvious answer is "It varies for each of us".

    Contributing factors:
    - Have you ever sung before, or are you experienced?
    - Do you have any vocal damage?
    - Do you abuse substances? (don't answer that... it is just a fact)
    - How many hours you put in a week...
    - How well you take instruction...
    - Are you patient enough to keep up with the practice even when progress seems elusive?
    - etc etc

    Also, it totally depends on your definition of "Good"!
    For me, that definition might be radically different to yours, if you catch my drift?

    What can you expect: (Ballpark figures thrown out from my experience and a few other's)
    - Noticeable difference in 3-4 months
    - People giving compliments at 6-9 months
    - Getting seriously noticed in 12-18 months
    - Band-Ready at 24 months

    Experiences may vary...


  • DiegoDiego Posts: 290Member
    I would say it all depends on you. What effort you really want to put into achieving good singing.

    I've been singing for about 5-6 years. Last year I started taking singing seriously, and that is what drives me to keep improving, to really see the results of my efforts and to even match the greats at some point.

    You don't just take a magic pill and wake up with a great voice.
    You have to put in the hard work , it might take months, or years. But like I said, that will depend on how dedicated you are to mastering your craft.

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