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Cruise ship singers

cnbaucomcnbaucom Posts: 10Member, 2.0 PRO
edited April 2018 in Off Topic
Just returned from cruising to the Bahamas on the Carnival Liberty and was blown away by the singers in the Broadway-style shows. They performed 2 shows with 2 performances of each. The first was a movie soundtrack theme called "Flick" and the 2nd was a rock'n'roll anthology called "America Rocks". The performers were not only amazing vocally, but were often singing while engaged in pretty vigorous dance routines.

Happy trails,


  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 1,330Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Cool to hear! I still can't get over how people like Gaga do that!
    Must have cardio out the roof!
  • MoftemMoftem Posts: 113Enrolled
    That sounds awesome, cnbaucom. I hope your trip was great. Maybe some workouts should be part of the KTVA programme? Apart from just singing I mean. Maybe he does talk about it or encourage it specifically somewhere that I don't know about. I'm on volume two and have only seen him demonstrate stomach crunches I think. There's a well known vocal coach here in Denmark called Anne Rosing who makes her students work out a lot, and they sound great.
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