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I'm just a singer (not) in a rock and roll band

And that makes my moody blue.


Hello all

Here's my take on a lovely tune from R.E.M.

As you can hear, I'm straining, although I thought I did relatively well here, compared to other files (233 at present) at the link

They're the barest boned recordings - just using my laptop mic to capture my voice and the music out of its speakers, as I'm a stone technoramus. Some are sing alongs; others, karaoke tracks when I find one that's decent. So they're more akin to live performances than polished studio output. I'm not truly satisfied with any of them.

By way of introduction, I'm an old fart who got it into his head that in the music rich environment of Madison, WI, I might be able to find some folks with the same sonic sensibilities to make music for whatever masses we could muster, but that's looking less likely as the days pass.

So this is what I do for now to amuse my muse.

Your thoughts are welcome.


  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 728Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Unfortunately, I can't access cloud storage at work, but I'll give this a listen over the weekend.
    Don't count yourself out, I'm sure there are some like-minded people out there that would love to do some recreational music with you. Maybe try to post an ad to see if anyone bites?


  • Doug_LatimerDoug_Latimer Posts: 15Member

    Thanks for the response, Phillip. I'll look forward to hearing what you think.

    I should mention that I have hefty sinus issues, combined with reflux, so that by the time I get to warbling in the evening, often my chords are in sad condition, but I'm "close enough for rock and roll" enough that I soldier on, and sometimes I sound what I'd consider decent.

    Yeah, I've had an ad on craigslist for a couple of years now, I reckon, and it's had numerous nibbles, and I've met with some folks, but nothing's gone beyond that.

    I post an R.E.M. take every few days at a Facebook fan group, which usually garners a smattering of likes and loves, but I need to get back on stage, after the live karaoke band (excellent musicians who knew a slew of songs) went on "hiatus" year before last, after their bass player passed from cancer.

    Nothing compares to that connection with an audience, does it?
  • Doug_LatimerDoug_Latimer Posts: 15Member

    Hello ... hello ... hello?
    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me
    Is there anyone at home?
  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 728Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Sorry mate, this past weekend was a complete bust.
    If you could possibly send that up to either Soundcloud or Youtube, I could listen to it now :smile:

    I agree about the audience feedback, it is very intoxicating... though I am not sure at this stage of the game that I really want to commit to a show schedule for $$ anymore. I just have the feeling that it would change how I feel about it, as it has in times past.
    Luckily, from time to time I get a few solo (and accompaniment) gigs that I really enjoy... those tend to be more intimate than the ones with my (recreational) band.
  • TommyMTommyM Posts: 231Pro
    This isn't too bad, Doug! A lot of pitch issues due to the support stuff again, but your voice sounds much richer here even though it's competing with the backing track due to the way you're recording. I know you've mentioned the sinus and reflux issues, but I think we get more of a glimpse of a really nice voice in there.

    If you can even get your support and pitch sorted out a bit, without worrying too much about expanding range and all that stuff for the moment, I reckon your voice would benefit massively. Even just for doing karaoke stuff or an acoustic duo or something, sticking to songs that are within your range or changing the key to suit would open up a lot of stuff. Sometimes taking a song and transposing it gives it a different flavour and a new edge, so there's no reason why you couldn't be pulling off a beautiful rendition of this song within a few months with some solid practice.

    Once your confidence grows a bit in your voice, you could do stuff like livestreaming your own wee unplugged gigs from home. Even if it's only to three people, you'll still be getting practice in and also being exposed to people who maybe wouldn't have heard you before and may really enjoy your stuff. Nowadays, you could feasibly even accompany yourself and just have backing tracks playing on a laptop while you sing over them. I know people who make money from doing that and they are awful at it! You at least have a sincere, emotional and genuine voice that just needs a bit of work; they're literally going through the motions but getting paid decent money for it!

    The opportunities are endless as long as you're willing to keep on learning.

  • Doug_LatimerDoug_Latimer Posts: 15Member

    No worries, Phil, but I don't know from Soundcloud or posting files to YouTube. I imagine it ain't rocket science, but this is as far as I've progressed in this area.

    I'll see if I can suss 'em in the next couple days. If I can't, I'd appreciate it a listen off Google Drive when you've got the opportunity.

    As for performing, the bigger the crowd, the better for me. The highest hoot was being on stage with a couple hundred or more folks in the club, and feeling that reciprocal energy. That said, just the appreciative applause from a dozen denizens after something like "The Boxer" or "Imagine" is likewise gratifying.

    I'm not keen on being the proverbial fallen tree in a vacant forest. -g-
  • Doug_LatimerDoug_Latimer Posts: 15Member

    Well, hell ... that wasn't hard a tall

  • Furious_PhilFurious_Phil Posts: 728Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO
    You learned something new and cool today! (Soundcloud is your friend :smile: )

    You've actually have got a nice rich tone to your voice!
    However, as Tommy previously mentioned, there are some pitch issues most likely attributable to diaphragmatic support.
    Good news: That is totally fixable via this course!

    I personally find it too easy to get "pitch-lazy" when I sing along to another singer. Because of that, I prefer the piano-only practice recordings, as it allows me to laser-focus in on the pitch I'm trying to replicate; and not deceive myself into thinking that I sound like Ken. This tendency became VERY apparent when I recorded myself singing a scale sequence along with Ken and the inconvenient truth was unveiled LOL

    The same can be said of trying to sing along to an artist's recording... at least for me anyway. To attempt to break that trend, I'm about to attempt to capture myself singing to a very challenging backing track using my newly setup Interface/DAW this weekend, so I fully expect to sound like a dying cat.

    But you know, this is how we grow as artists, so I am facing it head on like the charge of the light brigade >:)
  • Doug_LatimerDoug_Latimer Posts: 15Member

    Phil, I prefer not to sing along, but while there are some excellent karaoke tracks on YouTube, often I just can't find anything I think does the song justice, and so I harmonize with Stipe, Gabriel, Simon, Lennon, McCartney, Byrne, Costello, Fagen ... even Joni Mitchell.

    But you're right that it does tempt one to hide behind their voices, and there's a greater sense of accomplishment when I feel I've flown fairly well solo.

    Break a leg this weekend.
  • Doug_LatimerDoug_Latimer Posts: 15Member

    That's the problem, Tommy. Some days I can sound half decent; others, if I don't sound like I'm strangling, I count it as an accomplishment.

    And others, I just give up after concluding there's no point.

    We'll see what this evening brings ...

    Could you point me to some useful intel on the livestreaming thingie? This is new to me, and I'm flummoxed as to how one makes any moolah on the deal.
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