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Helloween Eagle fly free


Together with my band i will be rocking out with this classic song on saturday at a bar. Wish me good luck.


  • DiegoDiego Posts: 5582.0 PRO
    I don't know why, but your voice kind of reminds me of Tobias Sammet, I'd like to see try some Edguy one of these days. I would say the performance is okay, could use some work on the higher notes.

  • Simpan27Simpan27 Posts: 193Member
    Ok what did you think about the last high note?
  • TommyMTommyM Posts: 270Pro
    Hey @Simpan27 - That's pretty good overall, quite Bruce Dickinson at times on your belted notes but, constructively, I'd like to offer some criticism. I largely sang similarly to how you're doing it now, i.e. full-on volume and pulling chest way up with distortion for years and could belt into the 5th octave...but it'll screw your voice in time. I know 'cause I did it, so please try to work on your use of breath and get some healthier distortion 'cause you're gonna lose what could be a really, really good voice. Anyhow, specifics...

    - Your highs are very thin and flutey. There's nowhere near the power behind them that you're using beforehand and they just sound weak in comparison. That said, don't push loads and loads of air up 'cause that's literally the opposite of what's required! It sounds like you really need to work on bridging your chest and head 'cause the transition between the two is obvious right now and quite unpleasant. If you could bring the same tone and resonance to your head voice as you're doing with your chest, so that there's no real distinction between the two to the untrained ear, you could sound amazing on the high notes.

    - There are a lot of inconsistencies in volume and straining in this. Obviously the whole vocal on something as dynamic as this isn't going to all sit in the same range, but there are massive peaks where you're really pushing your chest voice up with far too much air. It's like a really unhealthy belt, similar to what I used to do, and I can hear the tension involved in your body when you're doing it. It's the wrong way to go about it, the proper way is much, much, much easier and sounds WAY better.

    - Do you have the KTVA course? If not, either get it or start watching Ken's free YouTube videos and doing the exercises every single day. I can hear really great potential in your voice and if you're not already doing the course then I can assure you it'd help massively. You've got a powerful instrument there, but it's like the analogy of giving a kid the keys to a racecar; sure, he might be able to start it, maybe even get it going in a straight line but the likelihood is that he'll crash it into a wall. Same with your voice, you've clearly been working on it but, like I did, you're going for a particular sound that may actually be unhealthy for your voice overall and betray the natural beauty and power you've got there. Over time, you'll drive into a wall repeatedly until, like me, you end up totalling the car and need to get a new one...

    All in all it's pretty good, aside from the technical issues and the high notes, but it's certainly not the sort of song that anyone can just pull off. Best of luck with the gig!
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