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Chess Anthem


I attempted to sing this again. I dont know if if it sounds better?


  • It wasn't all bad, but there were some pitch issues, but I think it's because of the vibrato that you use. When you do vibrato you start on the root note, go down, come back to the root, go down, a rythmic pattern. It sounds like sometimes you are coming in on the flat instead of the root note, and it's not always in sync with the timing of the song.

    Have you ever tried to sing a song that doesn't utilize vibrato except for at the end of phrases, or sustaining long notes? Just curious

    Peace, Tony
  • Simpan27Simpan27 Posts: 195Member
    Do you think i have a good voice?
  • whoisj15whoisj15 Posts: 137Pro
    hi, I think you have a great tone, great potential, i know you can improve and be great one day if you keep singing. when i begin singing i had uncontrollable vibrato, too much staccato, improper breathing, pitch issues, no range, no tone, but now i believe ive worked almost all of those out.

    keep singing it only gonna go up from here, if someone corrects you just take it professional.

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