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Is this good ?


  • ThePhotographerThePhotographer Posts: 10Member
    edited May 2018
    That's not bad at all! I did enjoy it very much. And a tip FYI, I learn and sing my song's lyrics and before I record them with music. I must memorize the lyrics. Apparently you have the lyrics memorized. I sing over and over and over until I can sing acapella before recording the masterpiece. Very important in music to be able to memorize and harmonize. I must be able to sing them Acapella first( )and I listen to myself to find my harmony and my timing. Then, when I feel I sing great and hold the keys without the accompaniment of music, I sing with the music track. I never rush into something. Not that this is aimed at anyone, just a tip that I live by faithfully and I rarely fail if I follow my rules of recording successfully. IMHO it is very important to sing acapella first. Once you are pleased with hearing yourself, you will be amazed at what you produce in the end product! Even for song writers this is a recommendation. And it just helps me feel comfortable and confident when I face that mic for the final cut. Again, Very Nice recording on your end!! You have a great voice! Keep up the great work! As far as I am concerned ANY singer should be able to sing acapella and sound great! Scott
  • ThePhotographerThePhotographer Posts: 10Member
    You are so welcome and I can't wait to hear more! Take care, Scott
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