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My own song ( not yet done)


I tried to write a song today. Tell me if it will work?


  • If you are looking for honesty I will tell you that in it's present state, no, the song will not work. Right now there is no steady flow to it. It's really confusing.
    You want to create a flow that people can get into a groove with, and once they hit that groove, then change it up, and hit them with the next groove, but it all has to flow like water no matter how hard or soft the sound may be.

    Hope this helps.

    Peace, Tony
  • DiegoDiego Posts: 6252.0 PRO
    edited July 2018
    It definitely needs more shape. It needs more percussion in my opinion. It's a bit too empty with only guitar. Or maybe after the high scream you could add some more stuff. But in this state the song is going nowhere.
    I totally agree with what @videoace said.
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