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Greetings from Sweden

Mor10Mor10 Posts: 32.0 PRO
edited July 2018 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
Hello Everyone! B)

Wow, I'm so excited to be on the KTVA course! Life sure is an adventure and it is so cool to read/ hear about you guys working hard and making impressive improvements. I already feel this forum has given me so much, and this is only my fifth day on the course.

I'm a 30 year old guy from Sweden for whom music has been mostly a hobby/ forgotten dream. When I was in elementary school/ college I did some performances. I began writing songs when I was 13 years old, then started playing guitar. In the beginning I wrote hip hop lyrics, one of which my mom confiscated as it had too many obscene remarks about my teachers, lol, never got that back. I later switched over to mainly punk rock, rock, hard rock, country and folk rock.

When I was 14 years old I got very lucky as my father's office was next to a small local record label. So he was able to get me an internship there. Those were two awesome weeks. I got to assist Magnus Tingsek as he recorded an early demo album, and as he played with Loosegoats. I also did an interview with lead singer of Loosegoats, Christian Kjellvander, for the school paper some years later. Those guys were so great to let me part-take, even invited me home once. That's the first time I think I ever connected with adults...

By the time I finished college however I began focusing more on making film than music. Then I got on a sort of side track consisting of trying to do start a business (but failing), traveling, spiritual search... eventually becoming a registered nurse, getting caught up in a routine that just wasn't for me, I was miserable. The last two years I've been searching for a new direction for my life and career.

I was so lucky to find a life purpose course ( which did help me dig deep and get to know myself better. I did a lot of exercises, read books, watched in dept videos of how to be successful... the course took me about three months. Well, it blew my mind, I had not considered music at all as a career before I took the course, but it became so clear. I did a visualization exercise related to flow and saw myself performing my own song for the whole school aged 14. I saw myself rehearsing with a friend at age 17, also a song I wrote. I was in tears, I realized this is where I needed to be. It also fits well with my personality/ strengths/ values...

So I just finished the life purpose course a couple of weeks ago and am getting started on a long path to making music into a career. That's what brings me here. I feel very fortunate to have found KTVA. I always felt that I couldn't be a great singer, thought it was something one was born with... but yeah Ken and you guys have made it crystal clear that if you put in the work, you improve, especially over the years, wow! Thanks for blowing away any doubt that was still there!

Look forward to post my scales soon!

Keep it rockin'!!


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