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Best, i.e., most efficient of building head voice (mixed voice, passagio)

Hey, guys, I am wondering what the best, i.e., most efficient exercise for building mixed voice and growing your head voice is. I am fairly new; I have only been following these tutorials for about three-four months now, and only for about 30-45 mins. a day for about four-five days a week at that. Would love some feedback on this topic. Thanks, guys. :)


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,523Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Hi, @Mr_Theo.

    We go into this much more specifically in the student areas of the forums, where we reference lessons from the KTVA program.

    As more general information, you have to build an extended chest voice, build a bridge through your passaggio, build your call voice, build a timbral head voice, and join all of these into one gigantic range. Ken does give examples of each of these in his free YouTube videos. He has head voice videos with head voice exercises. He has chest voice videos with chest exercises. He has mixed voice videos with mix exercises.

    It's much more step-by-step in the full course, and in the proper order, and there are entire sections here in the forums, in the students-only areas, for every part of the course, in detail. And there are a multitude of many more exercises in the course that are the building blocks for your voice... all of that coming into play after learning the basic foundations of the voice, which Ken teaches in Volume One of his course. You have to build the proper foundation for the voice in order to make this all come together as a finished product. There are many moving parts to the voice.

    All the Best!

  • Mr_TheoMr_Theo Posts: 232.0 PRO
    Thanks heaps, Bob. :)
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