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Singing, back at it after 7 odd years, happy to be here!

seanjhseanjh Posts: 7Pro, 2.0 PRO
I sang in choir as a kid and loved it, until puberty hit and I lost my voice. I played guitar in my teens but little else with music until my 20s when I simply felt the compulsion to get back into singing. 

After getting into it, then teaching myself to play and sing, something I thought impossible before forcing myself, I opened a new door. Realizing I had the chance to make something more with my talent. Seeking out a music teacher to help learn to sing and play/writing songs better. Then learn how to use rasp my voice got powerful, and I was making good headway with things. I sang covers on YouTube, and was pushing to sing like one of my idols, David from Disturbed. 

After my living situation changed, going for a house to an apt, I couldn't sing any more, not the way I enjoyed. I abandoned my YouTube and songwriting. I still liked to sing in the car, not the best form I know, but it was all I had. When I saw my passion in it dying, I jumped into joining a metal band to sing. I had fun, and got to break away from the simple way I was songwriting with my vocals, but there was definitely stained. We never got past jamming at a studio spot we had, and after a year and a half I gave it up, not willing to see I through and losing my passion for it again.

Another 5 years went by, still in an apt, without music. I considered taking singing lessons again, but it was too costly. This past fall I moved into my first detached home with my wife, and I was looking forward to getting back into singing, finally having the space and chance to do it whenever I wanted again. Took time to get settled and make space for my music recording and belted out some tunes. I had always covered songs matching artists in the past, outside of my songwriting, and I felt that this time around I would instead make covers my way. Change notes on the guitar and based off cords (I'm a melody player mainly), and then experiment with how I can sing it for my vocals. 

Finishing my first, and starting on some new ones, I can tell how rusty my voice has gotten through years of rest. I was trying to ease back into it, but I had forgotten much. Still, I told myself once I have a house, I have no excuse not to give this my all again. I got the idea to set up a new YouTube channel and planning out how I'll record and push songs to it. Just last weekend I came across Anthony Vincent's Ten Second Songs and was floored at how talented he was. From my efforts, I knew it was possible to sing more artist than I thought my voice was 'built' for, but Anthony's use of voice (and presentation) was inspiring! As I continued watching, I came across one of his videos featuring Ken and Gabrielaa learning about KTVA.

After seeing/hearing the skill, I knew this was someone who I could learn from, to learn what I needed to sing the heavy way I've always enjoyed and do it safely. The proof is truly in the singing, and I was very fortunate that KTVA is so affordable! Having the new house, cost is still a big consideration for me, but the full pro package is a third what 10 lessons would've cost me with a local coach. And it offers hours of lessons and exercises I can go back over as much as I want. Also, that it offered this forum to connect with other students... I thought about it whether to pick it up for a whole 10 seconds. :wink:

I'm at day 3 now of KTVA Vol. 1, and will work my way through the whole course. I was happy to unlearn what I had learned because I developed bad habits along the way. From the singing I've done the past month (30-60min bouts, finishing with light strain), to 30 minutes of the exercises feeling like I ran a marathon but no strain day 1, I was ecstatic! I'm planning to spend 5 days a week (mon-fri) working on the exercises and re-watching the videos, with having a day on the weekend to do singing while I experiment on covers. I am recording all of my sessions for personal reflection to see when/where I may fail to follow what Ken recommends, and to have proof of my progress day to day. 

I want to make a real go of it and share my work with others and hopefully help inspire and let others know about Ken's great work for those wanting to sing their best. I look forward to contributing with others here on the forum and meet some folks striving as I am.

The only messaging I think could be posed differently around the course, is 'Sing better than anyone else' is a moot point. Everyone sings their own way, even if they sound similar to someone else, it's a personal thing to find your voice and use it your way. I vote for 'Sing better than you ever dreamed possible, because you can!'. :smiley:

Take care,


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,465Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Nice post, Sean. Looking forward to the amazing progress that awaits you with your great attitude towards improving. Your work ethic towards your musical goals will carry you a long ways, with the methods that Ken's program teaches.

    You're gonna Rock!

  • seanjhseanjh Posts: 7Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Thank you @highmtn. Slowly but surely. I've read some of your feedback to others, and you knowledge of singing and the program is extensive. Very happy to see! :) Take care
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