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Hey Dudes and Divas!

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A Scream from Norway

ajlundenajlunden Posts: 3Enrolled
edited December 2012 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
Hi divas and dudes.

Actually I was on the look on the web for a great singer for my demos, but suddenly realized that maybe I should try it myself!
Found KTVA by accident, and ordered the full course by 17. dec 12. 

So on soundcloud you can hear my screams, originally intended to show the singer what I was thinking. 
As a drummer for over 30 years, and a songwriter, I didn`t dare to hope for a career as a screamer as well, but life works in mysterious ways...

Will now be a good student and practice every day, so let`s see where this will end up in a year or so...
Ok thanks!
Arnie, Norway (39 y.o)

All instruments and vocals by me.
Most recorded on 1. take, so don`t bother mocking ;)


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