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Journey - Dont stop believing

I had a hard time with this one but i just sang it and thought i sounded good.


  • WigsWigs Posts: 2292.0 PRO
    Ive been looking back at earlier stuff in the forum and came across this and was just wondering if you were looking for feed back or just happy to post and let others listen?

  • Simpan27Simpan27 Posts: 227Member
    In my ears i think it sounds good. So i dont know if i am tone deaf.
  • WigsWigs Posts: 2292.0 PRO
    You are on pitch a lot of the time so you're definitely not tone deaf. Keep it up!
  • victortangvictortang Posts: 5682.0 PRO
    edited February 10
    @Simpan27 I think there's a lot of soul in your voice. Your pitch and technique can be improved, as can most if not ALL of us. We are only human right?

    May I suggest that you keep working on the song. What you think is good or great today, you may find turning into something a lot better after giving it months and years of practise and intelligent training.

    I only say that because in my experience, I have sung songs that I thought I did a good job on. But years after trying to improve, I look back and say to myself "Hey I am better now".

    So YES you sound good. But you also sound (to me) like you have potential for greatness. This is not flattery. Potential is useless if not worked upon. I hope you don't mind my comment.

    p/s Like the song says - Don't Stop Believing
  • cwcwcwcw Posts: 1922.0 PRO
    @Simpan27 Nice demo. Tough song, no doubt. Steve Perry is one of the best and one of my heroes, but tough to sing because of his high range.

    What I noticed in your rendition is some of the tendencies I have when singing higher pitched songs. That is, the tendency to over sing - push my vocals with volume in order to hit higher notes, which sometimes sounds like shouting. I'm finding through KTVA that if I actually sing with less volume, I have way more control over tone and pitch, and the vocal actually sounds more relaxed and pleasing to hear.

    You're in the ballpark for the notes of the song, but I'd suggest lowering the key of the song by at least a whole step, or maybe even 1.5 or 2 whole steps, and then practice with that so that you can learn to be more relaxed with the notes. Then, over time, gradually raise the key back to the original.

    Keep up the good work!
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