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Comin' Home Baby

victortangvictortang Posts: 4742.0 PRO
Had a GREAT night with 4 musicians I have never met. Long story. I was invited to jam with them. They gave me this song that i have never ever heard before. So i looked in YouTube and learnt it on the spot....for 3 minutes literally!!

So the funny part of this performance is that I was relying on my right brain because the words and even the melody were new and unfamiliar to me. I "felt" my way through the song and even made up words.

The really interesting part for me is my voice! It was doing what i previously only dreamed of. I was "shrieking & wailing" up to a Bflat, and G and A were effortless to me. This is previously unheard of FOR ME. In the final notes of the song, I even produced a G, a soprano G5 or 6 or something like that. I didn't even know what notes I was singing....too busy just trying the convey the message that I'm "coming home baby"!

Trying to sing properly was the last thing on my mind. I kinda just tried to let it all hang out!

This new "unconscious competence" as Ken coins it, is just GRRRREAT! Again, I am godsmacked by what these exercises have done for me. They've given me a new artillery for singing combat!!! WOOHOO!!!

Just thought some of you may have experienced this and appreciate it.


  • DiegoDiego Posts: 6962.0 PRO
    Your wiggling at 2:50 kind of reminds me of Stevie Wonder lol. I always want to find criticism, but I just can't, maybe your note at :53 could have been just a tiny bit more open. I really love the soul you put into it, the way these songs should be. There are some things that could've made the performance even better for me, I would've hold the note a little longer and added some vibrato at 2:09.

    Awesome Job! lol.
  • doc_ramadanidoc_ramadani Posts: 1,590Administrator, 2.0 PRO, Facility Management
    What I like most are your sexy moves. @victortang: You are awesome!
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