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audioslave like a stone cover


  • VocalityVocality Posts: 5152.0 PRO

    Nice tones in your voice, however theres pitch problems especially on the higher parts of the song, are you planning to join the course it improve as you progress.

    If not these 2 videos will help this is the corner stone to singing.


  • WigsWigs Posts: 2982.0 PRO
    You keep removing your songs before I get a chance to listen :(
  • RobChesley333RobChesley333 Posts: 12.0 PRO
    ya went with a great tune... lay it on us... lets hear it :) drumroll..................
  • VocalityVocality Posts: 5152.0 PRO

    What your trying to achieve takes time and regular perfect practice, clearly you have potential to sing well just missing the pitch.

    The course will not only help with pitch, will grow your chest and head voice greatly.

    It takes time get where you want to be.

  • WigsWigs Posts: 2982.0 PRO
    Hooray, I get to hear you! For like a stone you got pretty close to the melody in the chorus, especially the second one. I like to sing this song too but I have trouble keeping the same tone as him through out, I tend to get a bit thin.
    For heart shaped box you did keep in pitch for more of the song. There is potential and I can tell you enjoy it.
    I'm going to be a parrot and also encourage you to seriously consider the course, because we have all seen improvements from it and you also have access to the ktva community forum where we can really get into the nitty gritty and help you on a whole new level.
    Either way keep practicing and singing 🎤
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