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Need help please

So, I’m on volume one on the first starter workouts and found its helped to build my voice but im struggling now as I realized I still get tongue and throat tension and dont really know how to get rid of this tried rellying on my abdominals but still get the tension in my tongue as it and throat as my tongue rises as I go higher even if I try to keep it down. So, i have found it difficult to reach the highest note, as I switch to weak male head voice that I don’t have strength in, on any vowel but seem to make it to the note before. Can somebody please help me and give some tips? Would be great thank you.

Also not sure about if second time I go through when I transition to “head voice” is this the fluty falsetto with the vocal chords dettached or the connected male head voice? Because I can only do the head voice weakly and struggle to get out The male falsetto at all when going up and down the scales. Any help would be great please?
Thank you


  • cwcwcwcw 2.0 PRO Posts: 412
    @Pablo150502 Please post your question under Volume 1. Your post is in the public area of the forum and we cannot give you any detailed information here.

    I'd suggest that if you can, post an audio or video recording of you doing the LAH scale in your new post.

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