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Hello I was told this category would be the appropriate place to share some of my music.
I'm currently working on an album and I've been auditioning singers for almost a year but even though I've auditioned some very, very talented and interested parties I've not been able to find the exact voice that I'm looking for and that's why I enrolled into KTVA I had hoped I could learn to be a badass singer (something I've always dreamed of anyways) and then I'll be able to fill the role of lead singer as well.
Anyways you can listen to four of my songs I'm working on (Sway, Grunge N Roses, Tackle and It's ALIVE!!!) on my website. The web domain just launched today so it's brand new and none of the links are active or anything yet but there is a music player at the bottom of the page which has some of my songs for you to listen to. I need to re-record and finish writing and recording the guitar solo and I need to get lead vocals recorded and then the first song will be done, pretty much the same with the last one too. The other two in the middle will both cut off suddenly because I haven't had a chance to record anymore yet but the songs themselves are coming along great.
The lead vocals line is the melody you hear over the top starting at about 3-4 seconds into the song, it's on guitar/synth.
Head over to RELEASEDTOREIGN.COM to listen, the music player is at the bottom of the webpage.
All of the music up to this point is entirely me. Every note, melody, harmony, instrument everything I've done it all by myself. I am putting together a group of people though to perform it live once the album is released.
By the way if anyone wanted to sing the lyrics using the melody you hear so that I can hear my song with vocals that would be totally awesome, even if you're not interested in being the lead singer just hearing someone sing the melody on the song recording would be great so I can get a preview so to speak of what it'll be like when it's got vocals completed.
Anyways please let me know what you think of my music.
I'll get a way to record video hooked up and try to share me singing sometime soon too.


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    hi Dean, sounds interesting, good job on the production. what are the lyrics?
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    Hi @DeanWalker,

    yes I think that this is the right category to post your demos. I would like to listen to your songs but the site you posted isn't streaming very well here in Germany. So I am not able to listen to your recordings.

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    I just wanted to let you guys know that I amended my original post to say 4 songs instead of one, I added 3 other songs that I'm working on for the album but just know please that although none of them are done a couple of them are close to done and the other two are far from done and just cut off suddenly because I had to stop recording sessions on those 2 (Grunge N Roses and Tackle) to take care of responsibilities and I haven't gotten back to finish it yet but I have lots more written and will finish recording them soon. So please enjoy listening to all 4 songs and any feedback is welcome.
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    I don't see an option or button to click to respond directly to posts you guys made am I missing something??
    If not I guess I just have to make a new post so that's what I'm doing.
    Klaus_T...thank you I appreciate it. The lyrics to Sway are not complete but what I have so far is:
    "Occupation. It's got a hold on me and won't let go/I've got ahold of you and won't let go" and other variations of that.
    The idea is it's about the Holy Spirit. I didn't intend this as a result it just happened but I figure a lot of people when listening to the lyrics will think I mean something else and that's fine until they ask me what it's about. What I mean is I could totally see someone thinking its about something demonic much like the song 'By Demons Be Driven' by Pantera and that's fine because I believe some people will really like it for that reason and yes it's about being occupied by a spirit and it holding sway over my thoughts and actions but this is the Holy Spirit and not something demonic and I like the idea of them thinking that then coming to ask me about the lyrics and I get a chance to witness to them and tell them they've in fact got it right about the central theme but that it's about the Holy Spirit. Get it?
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    hey Dean, cool, yeah I also like lyrics that aren't clear immediately (or ever). also thanks for sharing your process, quite interesting. I am also working on some stuff at the moment, I hope to have something tangible by January. I will let you know in case you are interested
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,900
    i guess you could use the "quote" button at the bottom of the post if i understand you correctly about the responding
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