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voice improvement

SonikaSonika Posts: 16Moderator, Pro
wowwww hi guys i'm finally in the forum, so much things i want to share with you about how my voice has improve. My voice has improved  from a 5 to a 10 only because i followed the steps taught to me by Ken Tamplin, simple everyday exercise like the lip role, breath control, and proper vowel modification made a huge difference. If you need any tips on your voice just message me i'll be very happy to help. 

love Sonika 


  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled

    I have heard the progress you have made from the YouTube videos. I have to say that your voice was sounding fantastic already in the first videos I saw, but I can really hear how Ken has brought you even further. I have learnt a lot from watching the videos where you sing. Especially the covering thing you did in the beginning, and how you improved your pitch. I always think about that when I sing the dark parts of a song. So we really learn from eachother here! That is so great.

    Glad you found your way into the forum:-). We need girl power!


  • SonikaSonika Posts: 16Moderator, Pro
    thanks trine i have struggled with my big voice and it was so pitchy to the point where i hated to hear my own self, thank God i've found ken, i have better control now.
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