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Lost Chest Voice! Too much air?

CarabelleCarabelle Posts: 1Enrolled
edited January 2014 in DIVAS
Hi there,

My name is Cara and I am just finishing vol. 1.  Before KTVA I have been trained in the head voice, and am trying to switch roles by bringing my chest up to get a meatier sound for a top 40 cover band and rock band I am working with (I am a jazz singer, so this is really new territory!).  It's not perfect, but I am working softly to bring the chest up, and recently have really noticed a huge and much improved difference. 

My problem is that I was singing in rehearsal and sang Adele's Rolling in the deep in total chest.  It felt great the whole time. It felt like my throat was totally open, tongue down, the pitch was absolutely dead on, and most importantly i felt very powerful! (ha ha that's new for me, who usually sounds so soft and airy!).  BUT, as soon as it was over it felt like a cloud or fogginess came over my voice instantly.  My voice was gone.  So, I sang the rest of rehearsal in my head through my mask just to get by.  My voice came back by the end, but it was so strange. 

My question is, am I applying too much air through my chords? I remember you saying that if you give too much air while in the chest voice you can dry them out and tire them.  I was releasing a lot of air, because it felt safe to do so.  I didn't feel like I was straining one bit when I was singing, and I feel that I am usually very aware of any tension.  One other thing, my upper back between my shoulders is sore.  I guess this is evidence that I was straining after all...?  Or is this just a natural form of building up a proper endurance? Have I tried to belt too much too soon?

Thanks so much for all that you do, Ken!


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