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Diva audio workouts

claudia.rclaudia.r Posts: 6Pro
I was just wondering - the Diva audio tracks (I've been working on Vol. 1 and 2 so far) seem to be more geared toward sopranos - am I correct?
I'm an alto, but have trained my upper range a lot (when growing up), so I can sing both pretty much. Now however I seem to need more training in the lower range and somehow I have a feeling the audio tracks aren't going there enough... should I use the dudes' tracks or could I be doing something wrong/are the audio tracks geared towards both alto and soprano?
Thanks in advance! :)


  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,447Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    edited October 2014


    You may very well prefer to do the Dudes audio tracks.  Also, Ken is releasing (in the Pro section of the Forums) a number of new lessons for both Dudes and Divas that go into more detail.  Ken has Adam Spizzo doing the Dudes lessons with him, and Gabriela Guncikova doing the Divas lessons with him.  Gabriela is more of an Alto, so you may find these lessons to be more suited to your range.  You might find that the Dudes exercises are just a few notes too low for you.  That's OK if the rest suits your range.  You can also pause the mp3 at the top and take it up a couple of more steps on your own if you want to.  That's optional and up to you.

    We have Dudes doing the Diva exercises and Divas doing the Dudes exercises, and it's all good.  You just want to find the exercises that are growing your voice the most and to do regular workouts that extend your range to where you want to go with it.  Go check out the PRO VIDEOS section.  Some were posted last night, and more are on the way.  Some of the exercises are very advanced, and that is why Ken wants it posted in the PRO section of the forums.

    Good Singing to You!




  • claudia.rclaudia.r Posts: 6Pro
    Thanks so much again, Bob! I will check it out..perfect timing if they were just posted last night :)
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