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Legal - BMI ?

hey guys,

I just copyrighted a bunch of new songs. But I don't think prospective users can contact
that office. I guess they contact BMI to actually use your song, correct?

anyone know the skinny?



  • Is it copywritten to yourself? a company you made up? are there other owners aside from yourself?

    For your music, your copywrite should read: Copywrite 2018 iking Publishing (or whoever the name is on the copywrite)

    That is who people will want to contact for use of the music. If you do get into an agreement to let someone use your music, be careful. There is an exclusive agreement, and a non exclusive agreement. the exclusive means only that person can use your music, but a non exclusive agreement will allow that person to let other people use it as well cutting you from a lot of potential cash if it comes to that.

    Peace, Tony
  • ikingiking Posts: 332Pro
    thanks videoace /Tony,

    good info. It's copyrighted just to myself. The only way someone could contact me current, would be from a website. My website doesn't even have email current. Is it best to throw one on just for the outside chance there was interest? I guess contact info on any youtube postings would
    be good too?

    PS I see non exclusive is normally the best way.
  • Set up a website, a paypal account, and sell it on your own site. so much per download. If someone wants to use it for radio/tv you will be set up with a way to do business.

  • ikingiking Posts: 332Pro
    Set up a website, a paypal account, and sell it on your own site. so much per download. If someone wants to use it for radio/tv you will be set up with a way to do business.

    thanks man. So I guess you mean someone can download there own legal mp3 copy?

    I'm guessing most listeners would { unfortunately } just download it off youtube pirate style.
    { but do you mean for the 1% of honest citizens { lol } Unless their technically challenged, of

  • Yes, you offer the download, and they pay whatever you choose to charge per download. You can sell downloads separately for each song, and sell the whole batch for a certain price too.

    The trick is getting people to your music/site.

    Don't put the songs you plan on selling on youtube. If you want to attract people from youtube do some covers, and in your videos mention that you have a site with originals. You can maybe even tease the listener by letting them hear a portion of it also.

    Promotion is tricky because you don't want to give anything away, but at the same time you have to get the people listening to your music somehow. That's a whole different animal to tame there.

    Good luck to you.

    Peace, Tony
  • ikingiking Posts: 332Pro
    edited April 2018
    wow. this gives me food for thought, and also a number of new challenges.


  • What attracted you here to Kens singing course? For me it was listening to him sing covers on youtube. He does an amazing job, and he is very enthusiastic in his approach so I came here to check things out, and never left.

    Now you have to find you own approach to getting people to your site, and staying.

    It's not easy by any means, and takes a lot of work, and effort, but can payoff big if the right people see it, but the bottom line is that you have to have a good product to sell. If you don't have a good product to sell no amount of promotion, and hard work will be able to sell it.

    Peace, Tony

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