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Hey There Singers! I'm so excited to be a new member here!

A little bit about myself, I am a 19 year old male from Sri Lanka, I've been singing for almost 7 years and have made amazing progress!

I've always been fascinated with the art of singing and it has become my ultimate passion! The reason as to why I chose to join this academy is because I want to help out other aspiring singers who want to consistently improve their voice. In addition, I need to mention the impact Ken Tamplin has had on my voice. He is by far the best teacher I have ever come across and I highly recommend you to purchase his program IF you are serious.

As for my voice, I would say it is a high baritone. I am honestly not sure. I have a warm, deep texture to my voice but I can seamlessly hit notes in the tenor range. Hopefully some clips will be uploaded within the next couple of weeks. I never wanted to put myself into a particular category because I felt that it would limit my abilities. Plus I didn't work one on one with a vocal teacher, so I never found out. Therefore I never truly classified myself.

As of October 2018, this is the current state of my voice

Lowest Note - F2 (any day, any time), E2 on a GOOD DAY
Highest Note in Chest Voice - B4 (a bit strained, but manageable), A4 (Easily, any day, any time)
Falsetto range - C5 to D6
Comfortable mixed register - A4 to A5

There's a little bit about me! Hopefully I am able to help others improve their voice! And maybe even work on my flaws with a bit of your help too!


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