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Unsure where my question goes..... diva singing a dude song?

NathJ_2018NathJ_2018 Posts: 672.0 PRO
edited October 2018 in DIVAS
is there a "rule" of how many scales to go up when singing a dude song?

like I fell in love with Ed Sheeran's song "let it rain" but it's really low for me.... and I dont want to go opera style either so for hubby to help me with it on the bass what would be an average starting point?


  • I've heard it go both ways. Dudes singing Diva material, and Divas doing Dudes material.

    To me hitting the notes in a specific, or original octave doesn't matter. If you can sing something in your natural register, and make it sound believable, people will listen to it all day long.

    It's always good to work out of your comfort zone, and try new things anyway so good luck with the song.

    Peace, Tony

  • NathJ_2018NathJ_2018 Posts: 672.0 PRO
    edited October 2018
    Thanks Tony,

    In other words, I can sound like me, as long as I am on pitch right?

    One of these days I'll buid up the confidence to post a video, so far it hasnt been the case... I'll get there eventually.... it'll be easier to give feed back I guess :)

  • NathJ_2018NathJ_2018 Posts: 672.0 PRO
    Then again, funny enough if I really love a song and get into it, I dont really care what people think cause I do it for myself (for my eyes and ears only lol) but starting to sing in public (even if just karaoke night) I need to be better than in my shower.... especially singing with hubby and son playing, I know they love me, but they are on pitch so I need to follow accordingly ;)
  • It's not just pitch because you always want to sing in key, but how you sing it. Like I mentioned before, if you can make it sound believable..........................

    Motown was famous for recycling their songs within their roster.
    The Jackson 5 might do a Temptations song while the Temptations are taking on a Marvin Gaye song while Marvin Gaye is doing a Supremes song.

    People use other artists material, but make it their own by the way they sing it.

    Peace, Tony

  • NathJ_2018NathJ_2018 Posts: 672.0 PRO
    I know those Motown girls all all part of my "hearing registry" thanks to my dad who was a huge fan.... but it's one thing to hear and a hole other ballpark to reproduce vocally..... one day I will today I just do my best and honestly that's all I can do but love it to bits :)
  • Have fun with it. Singing is meant to be fun, and make people happy. If you practice 5-6 days a week, you'll get where you want to go.

    Peace, Tony
  • NathJ_2018NathJ_2018 Posts: 672.0 PRO
    well so far i'm on a 7/7 diet between 2 and 4 hours a day but hey it's the first week.... :)
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