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Hi from South Australia!

GazSAGazSA Posts: 2Enrolled
Hi folks,

I just wanted to drop in and quickly introduce myself. 

My name is Garry, and I'm 37 years young, living in the Adelaide Hills area of South Australia. I've been singing for quite some time, but haven't had any training (until now). I also play bass, and enough guitar and piano to get me by. I've recently made a commitment to myself to start becoming serious about music, and KTVA is the first major step towards this goal!

I purchased the bundle a few days ago, and I must say....I am already reaping the benefits. In the past 2 days, I've gone from an F# chest to an easy G#....simply amazing. I was so excited :-)

Here's a small snippet of a raw idea that I'd recorded a few months back (not the most dynamic vocal I'm afraid);

Well, better get stuck into those warm ups.
Cheers all!



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