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Afraid of my voice

Im a lead guitarist like Steve Vai, or Jennifer batten. I found I felt the need to sing as I am Solo artist.
Being a "contralto" I've had thing like being called guy at some gigs etc, which discourage me to sing.
However; It feels So darn good I can't stop coming back to it...Then I get upset with my voice and quit singing, go back to intrumental guitar and back to Singing and playing lead. I feel like I am making some Tremendous progress especially yesterday at rehearsal where I really didnt do to bad it was more a stamina thing. I LOVE 80s hair metal and that' my thing, Even got a Poison Tattoo.

I'am I the only wanna be lead singer and lead guitarist that is critical of hating my own voice incase it just pisses everyone off at a gig or that???



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