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Hello from Bolivia

Hi everyone!

My name is Tamer (you can pronounce it tah-mer :P), I'm 28 years old and I love singing!

I started singing many years ago (probably 10 or even more), but I never got very serious into it. That was up until about 3-4 years, when I realized that singing was something that I really enjoyed and that I wanted to get very good at. So it was then that I started exercising my voice, but just informally (casual lessons on blogs and on YouTube). While I did learn some things and improved, I'm still amateur at it and have a long way to go (for example I don't have a powerful voice or a lot of range).

Fast forward until this year where I realized that singing is really my passion and I want to be a professional singer. Even if I don't manage to make a living out of it I really want be a great singer, so I'm really excited to start this and learn everything I can, from the basics to all the way up to become a pro singer!

Well I think that's it, wish me luck guys and I really look forward to learn a lot from you and to improve my singing, if you have any starter tips on how to take the course, I would really appreciate it! Thanks! :smile:



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