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Chest voice question

SophiaSophia Posts: 1522.0 PRO
edited January 22 in DIVAS
I wanted to check with other Divas whether what I am experiencing is "normal". When I sing in chest voice, it requires all of my energy. I am shouting at my maximum volume to sing the scales. Any quieter, and I cannot make the notes. I can feel a lot of tension everywhere, which I am focusing on minimising. I sing the root note of each scale in the exercises, and can currently manage approximately the first half of them.

This sounds like it can't be correct. It sounds obviously wrong, and it's impossible for me to maintain for more than a few minutes. The chest-stretching exercises (I only do the AH, AYE, AA, OOH) leave me exhausted, and make me feel miserable to do. In contrast, the bridging part of the workout lasts about 40 minutes and feels under control.

What is "normal" for you when singing in chest voice? Does it start off like this, but get easier as you develop abdominal strength?

Edited to add: I am in Volume 1.
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