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What am I doing wrong... or right?

I'm very new to the course and I'm not a "Bad singer" but I've always struggled to sing high and loud especially with proper technique and that's my goal so I want to make sure I'm doing everything to the best of my abilities in volume 1 before I go any further. This is a clip from my exercises from the audio workout of the LAH vowel. If every vowel stems from this one I want to make sure I absolutely have this one down. I try to maintain throat openness and a strong diaphragm, but when doing that I worry I push too hard, also Ken say to start learning throat openness with a low laranyx but when I do that I sound like a frog and that gets hard to do when I get higher in the scale . MY mind is scrambled and It would be so helpful for advice and guidance!
(starts at 8 seconds)


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