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Hey Dudes and Divas!

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> Why you MUST attend tomorrow's webinar on How To Sing Soul!

NigelNigel Posts: 138Administrator
Hey dudes and divas!

Tomorrow's webinar on How To Sing Soul, R&B and Blues will probably be one of THE most powerful singing lessons you will ever get, no matter where you are in the course or in your overall singing journey.

This singing lesson will go beyond technique and dive head first into WHY you are singing in the first place.  Singing Soul, R&B and Blues requires you to dig deep into... wait for it... your SOUL and sing from there.  It will free you up to sing from within your own personal inspiration, emotion and motivation.

This is going to be heavy stuff that will push you - make sure to join us and please share this opportunity with others if you want.

Link to tomorrow's webinar:



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