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Diaphragmatic breathing

Hey, I started with volume 1, but when I practice the diaphragmatic breathing I take my breath and I'm trying to get the push up feeling when I push down and when I start with the first HA I'm not able to completely relax everything and take my breath again and do it all over again. I'm practicing this everyday 5 to 6 days a week, but I'm stuck with this subject for 2 weeks and I'm very confused. I want to move on to the next subject, but I think good breath support is essential. Maybe it has to do something with my age? I'm 16 years old and I'm Dutch, so I don't understand every word Ken is saying. Should I take a lesson with Ken to really understand this crucial subject, so he can show me how to do it? 175 dollars is much money for 1 basic problem. How can I get in contact with Mr Ken, so I can ask what his thoughts are and make an appointment. Thanks for the help, Greetings, Michael Obadia.


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