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Hello from India! :)

Hi guys,
I'm Pranav from India and I just bought the whole course. I'm in love with it already. I have noticed a significant improvement in my tone and power and I'm just at Beginners right now. My overall singing has become better.I used to sing Bass in a choir. My upper range now just touches around G, G#4 and A sometimes too right now but I'm confident that with patience my voice will certainly grow. The challenges for me right now are to apply vowel modifications without pressure in songs. I love Blues, Soul and Jazz standards apart from my usual Indian Film Songs :D Are there any songs which you guys can suggest for me to try and build my confidence?


  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled

    Hi Pranav and welcome to KTVA!  I can assure you that if you work with the program, you'll see (or perhaps 'hear' is a better word!) great changes in your voice! I am not sure what songs to recommend, but pick something you like!


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