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New to KTVA! How is everyone?

Derrick SchneiderDerrick Schneider Posts: 71Member
edited June 2013 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
Hey! My name is Derrick Schneider, new singer for the progressive metal band Dark Empire! Check them out if you haven't yet. I've trained with Jaime Vendera for two years and developed a range of 4 octaves, but never could get that amazing Dio like tone to my voice with out strain. I then was searching for other coaches "who can actually really sing well", and came across Ken Tamplin. What an amazing singer! I started looking for other coaches that can help me build a good mid range like Dio. I then thought "the heck with looking at Brett Manning's method. Haha, Ken can sing anything and he's the real deal. About a year ago my sister purchesed Volume 1, she used it a little and ended up giving it to me cause she never had the time. She knows that I might use it and I love it!! I'm actually three weeks into Volume 1 and about to buy volume two! My sister lives now in CA and I'm going to visit her this August. I found out she only lives 30min from We're ken teaches so I told while I'm there I want to have an in studio lesson with Ken himself! Can't wait! I'm already noticing huge improvements only from doing a months worth of KTVA! If anyone has any advise? Let me know!


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