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Hi form Poland !

Hey, my name is Wojtek, I'm from Poland (wondering if there's anyone else from my country) and I'm 19.
I've just bought all 3 volumes and downloaded them, I hope to stick to them for a long time couse I really wanna get into singing (haven't practised much).
My biggest goal is to extend my vocal range. (chesty sound)
Hope this forum helps me stay motivated.



  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,523Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    Hello, Wojtek!

    Welcome to the KTVA forums! You will learn much from your 3 volumes.  Be prepared to practice a lot, at least an hour a day, for five or six days per week!  Your voice and range WILL grow!


  • Hello Wojtek, nie, nie jesteś sam :D Jestem w KTVA od miesiąca i już są rezultaty, tylko ćwicz codziennie tak jak napisał Bob ;)
  • wojtekwojtek Posts: 20Pro
    Super ;d

  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,523Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    Robi wy dwa poznaja siebie?  Ha, Ha!


  • tomasztomasz Posts: 10Pro
    Hello Wojtek and Konrad, I guess I must be the third one here from Poland!
    Great to see/read you here at the forum...

  • Tomasz LipińskiTomasz Lipiński Posts: 7Volume 1
    Hi, I'm also from Poland ;)
    And don't buy it KTVA, but I'm close to.
    Can You send mi PM with some review and why is worth to buy?

  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 14,523Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro


    You can go to the Reviews section of the forums and read many reviews from many KTVA students.




  • Tomasz LipińskiTomasz Lipiński Posts: 7Volume 1
    Yeah, I know, but they are my nationals so it's good to talk about in our language ;)
    But it's "too late" ;), I already have Vol.1 so I will check my self and maybe write my own review from absolutely noob point of view.
  • huberthubert Posts: 125Pro
    I'm next guy from Poland too (21 y-s) :) I use my girlfriends name only. I think I should change that ;)

    Polska przejmuje KTVA ;D

    I'm with KTVA for about 5-6 months and results are amazing if you pay close attention to every detail while doing volumes.
  • Tomasz LipińskiTomasz Lipiński Posts: 7Volume 1
    Ta, nas zawsze wszędzie pełno ;)

    I'm just starting with KTVA, and I'm watching videos over and over again right now to catch everything. I think I should only make breath and lip roll exercise for about week or so. I'm not a good breather ;) Then I'll start making scales with tounge and simple AH.
  • wojtekwojtek Posts: 20Pro
    edited January 2014
    Super, ja też chętnie pogadałbym z kimś na PM/fb/gg o tym wszystkim ;) [would love to chat with someone about KTVA and stuff related]

    I'm on Vol 2 now for some time, ahh that time goes quite fast ;d
    Struggling with a few things but the best things so far are that I can connect my 2 registers most of the time without breaks(even adding some chesty sound to my head voice) and I've expanded my chest range (before I started I couldn't hit middle E and now I could get High C but dunno if it's chest or mix, sound thin but chesty).

    Now I'm mostly looking forward to Vol. 3 for this glottar compression and I really want to be able to add some rasp to those High tones like Adam Gontier, Benjamin Burnley or even Chester Bennington :))
    And I hope my tone will improve also, becouse I'm not so keen on it yet

    *And I can't get this Vibratto working yet, and ghosting exercise is even quite hard for me :/
    Ok, that all for now ;p

    Ps. Glad You've written here so I could also share some of my - let's say story :D
  • Tomasz LipińskiTomasz Lipiński Posts: 7Volume 1
    Maybe it's time for Polish Corner here? ;) 
    My story is short for now and there's nothing to talk about. Now I'm rather finding my way trough this course and struggle with my body to create this bright sound.
    But there's one thing I've noticed, When I finish this one hour workout I have a feeling of still open throat for some time. Like a bigger hole than usual in back of a throat. Of course that feeling is gone in the morning, but shows up again after a workout.
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