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Critique on high register song

AdrianDAdrianD Posts: 75Pro, 2.0 PRO

My band and I are covering the song "Anthem" by Rush,  it is a tune that is definitely higher in my register to sing.  Sometimes I find its hit or miss if I can get through the whole thing comfortably and hit all the high notes.  I did a rough take of my vocals and slapped them on top of an instrumental for the song I found on youtube.  At this point in time I sing it mostly "clean" but I would eventually like to get it more "dirty" sounding.   Any tips on what I can fix would be much appreciated!  :)

-Adrian to KTVA.mp3


  • AdrianDAdrianD Posts: 75Pro, 2.0 PRO
    Also, any tips on how I / if could get better tone?  It kinda sounds light and almost comedic when I sing that high.. I was thinking I'll start experimenting more with distortion to make it sound more "rock" oriented. 
  • AdrianDAdrianD Posts: 75Pro, 2.0 PRO
    edited September 2013

    Ok cool, I appreciate your honesty.   I have been doing KTVA since mid January, I have had no singing experience prior to this program.  I was doing volume 2 since April and this week decided to switch to Volume 3.    I have not worked on my head voice very much, More so my high mixed voice, but not just pure head voice.

    Perhaps if I focus strictly on head voice my tone will improve with time?

    Also, with Limelight that song is definitely in a more "comfortable area" which I don't have too many issues with.  I just wanted to get more critique on singing a song that was in my "range heights".  Maybe i am not ready for a song this high in my range yet?
  • AdrianDAdrianD Posts: 75Pro, 2.0 PRO

    Cool, I will record something in the next couple days!
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