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Some relaxation :)

CivitasCivitas Posts: 23Pro
edited October 2013 in Off Topic
Ok.. I want to share with you one band from my country. They name is `SMAK`. Translate would be in english `end of the world`. Band begin to work in 1970`s. In our country on that period is not exist tv. Just one radio station, and they listen Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Beatles and some of that glorious band`s. On one concert of Deep Purple, they playin` before, and some of people here still talks about that. Whole band is.. AMAIZING! :) Guitar player is best guitar player in my country (Radomir Mihailovic- Tocak) and singer is one of the best singer l`ve ever heard. In rang with Plant (on him best age`s).
So- listen, and enjoy. :) Voice is so BIG! :D



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