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G"day mates was wondering if KTVA could possibly do lessons in Brisbane Queensland Australia

names kurt and im from one of australias biggest states queensland i would really love to see a KTVA studio setup in brisbane queensland australia we have a big city with a history of producing music records and hosting some of Australias biggest music concerts like big day out and we have had major singers like justin bieber and john farnam and dance groups like justice crew and many more


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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 10,887Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro

    G'day, kurt!

    Y'know, Ken can beam in to your computer via Skype from wherever he happens to be in the world, whether he's in Southern California, Hawaii, Italy....  It's easy to study with Ken from anywhere in the world, as often as you would like. 

    Thus far, there are not KTVA studios located in multiple areas.  But who knows what will happen as KTVA catches on around the world?

    Ken may visit there and decide to stay a while down under!

    : ^ )



  • I've wanted to invest in the KTVA for nearly 2 years now. Unfortunately financial circumstances just haven't allowed it. But even today I have more confidence in Ken more than all the other vocal teachers out there . Someday I'm going be able to invest in his program, and I can't freaking wait because i  want to be a professional singer 
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