Hey Dudes and Divas!

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New divas, present yourselves!

TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
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It's been a while since anybody posted in here. Speak up, Divas! We'd love to hear from you. Any progress, perhaps setbacks or whatever you want to share. Let us hear from you!!


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  • Hey everyone,

    I just bought the first volume last week.  I've been a professional singer for 30 years.  Closing in on my 50th birthday.  Losing muscle strength, range, and developed a lot of bad habits.  Finally came to the realization that I need help!!! LOL. 

    So far, I have really found this training worth every penny,  I needed this soooo bad. 
    I live locally.  Plan to work with the plan then arrange a one-on-one session.  I need help with a couple of songs in particular. Can't wait till I'm there!

  • JoyceJoyce Posts: 125Pro
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    Hello, I have introduced myself in another section, (I always struggle to find my way in forums!.)

    I am from the South of France. I started to take singind lessons 4 years ago, did not know I could sing, and it came as a total surprise (good one). I was not satisfied with my teacher so made some research and found Ken Tamplin and here I am. I am currently training on Volume 2, and found the scales to be super high but I like it because I want to discover what my voice is capable of. I like to sing jazz especially swing and scat BUT I also love blues, pop, soul R and B. I have not tried to perform heavy metal or hard rock tunes but I am open to all styles including classical.
    The singers that I admire the most so far are: Eva Cassidy and the Italian singer Giorgia (would LOVE to sing like them!!!!!!). But after 4 years of trying to sing like other singers I thought that I might try to find my own style.
    I am 51 but I feel like a teenager, (I have a 20 years'old son !). I'm learning the play the guitar but GOSH it's hardddd.
    So far the main difficulty I have encountered in my learning to sing is support and breathing, I am not able to control my air and it means that my notes are sometimes unpredictable.
    I wish you all a great day, I am glad I found this community.
  • ChriscelloChriscello Posts: 14Pro
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    I'm from Texas, USA. I tried KTVA briefly once before, but had to stop after getting sick; I lost all my hard work. This time I'm finally able to stick to it. I have decided to master every exercise before continuing on. I play the cello, and some other instruments. I love R & B, jazz, rock, pop, and hybrid styles. 

    I have some frustrations, but that is to be expected as a beginner. I am currently on Volume 1.

  • Hi ladies!
    I'm from Maryland, USA.
    I'm a bass player, and needed to learn to be the best backup singer I can be (while playing bass- which is hard).  So here I am, on volume 1- I'm about 3 weeks into it, I've been doing the workouts 6 days a week and I'm already hearing major improvement.  
    I think when you sing EVERY DAY- you really learn about your voice, just going through the workouts- where the sound is coming from and how to manipulate it.  I'd never done a disciplined program like this before.  
    Anyway- cheers!  

  • LGsingLGsing Posts: 59Pro
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    Hi everyone. Just like Joyce, some of you may already know a thing or two about me and have seen the 2 videos I have shared with you all.

    My name is Laura.

    I have never been trained before, ever.

    But all that is about to change.

  • Hey all!
    I'm new, I just bought KTVA yesterday.
    I have been taking singing lessons for two years but I'm ready to mix it up and kick myself into orbit.

    I love singing anything, really. On a blues kick, right now.
  • tinaalcoracetinaalcorace Posts: 129Moderator, Pro

    Hi Ladies, I love hearing from you all, such inspirational stories and there is definitely some experienced vocalists among us!

    Divas - Perhaps Dynamic, Intellectual, Vocal And Sassy? haha I don't know ladies, lets get creative!

    Good singing to you


  • Hello Divas.
    For your information I am currently working on volume 3. I mainly work on the sliders for the moment. Also I've found that alternating with the Dudes workouts is very beneficial for my low notes and my mid chest.
    I had an epiphany with the open throat technique , my voice is now producing a sound.... nice and clear and this effortlessly.

    My head voice has grown tremendously on the other hand my chest should improve and become stronger.
    I am beginning to understand what glottal compression is all about, but I feel that my voice needs to strengthen  a bit more before trying this.

    I've been feeling sad latetly, so I sing the blues.

    I wish you a lovely day full of inspiration and good music.

  • TrineTrine Posts: 269Moderator, Enrolled
    Hi all girls!
    I haven't been in here for quite a while. It is so great to see so many new divas in the forum! I have to take a round on and see the videos some of you posted and other stuff that is here.
  • Hello Divas.

    I just bought the course yesterday and I am looking forward to getting started.   I am a New Yorker living the dream in Australia.  I enjoy singing when nobody can hear me, but plan to change that once I get started with the lessons.  I feel for my neighbours!!! 

  • Hello my fellow divas.  I am Tina from Ohio and just bought the course a few days ago. I have been singing all of my life classically trained in college. Currently, I am singing with a local cover band everything from rock, pop, country from 80's to current. I would find myself getting lazy in my technique so I knew I needed some coaching and then I ran across Ken's channel.

    Thought I would stop by and say hello and hopefully get to know some of you! 

  • ChaCha Posts: 2Member
    Hi I'm Cha I'm new to the forum..I was getting to a point where I was thinking about quitting singing.. I thought I was getting old maybe my voice was changing due to peri menopause ..I didn't like how I sang anymore maybe because of all the stress from running a band and a business I forgot what it was to love to just sing..well I came across Ken's site and decided to take a leap of faith and bought his downloadable program about 4 weeks ago..this last sat June 11 was the true test to see if it works, I sang very well power and pitch wise even though I had a cold..this has renewed my faith in myself and in the power of the universe that when you seek something it will come. In this case, Ken came to my rescue. I feel empowered and ready to take on more ..this is a game changer for me..
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