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What was the scariest stage fright moment you have ever had?

Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Posts: 428Administrator
Mine was a gnarley German guy in a bullfight arena in the south of Spain with this huge German guy shouting expletives that he was going to kill me. (we were billing with a hard core death metal band and he was their fan)

I invited "Heinz" on stage and said "so you think you're tough? Let's see how tough you really are,  and introduced him to the 5,000 person audience and said ladies and gentlemen...Heinz...handed him the microphone and walked off stage leaving him alone in front of all those people.  He freaked out...did a killer stage dive and we won over the audience. :-)

I said "Let hear it for Heinz...and the audience went crazy ... (man I thought I was dead ha ha)

What is your scariest moment? :-)


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  • @Ken Tamplin

    Well, I remember I was 18 and many delusions of grandeur in local festival.

    I knew nothing of singing and art and my promise was to make them dance to smoke on the water deep purple.

    My mind was creating distortion, do not ask me how, but he did.

    The thing is that it was very windy. It was a place outdoors. I was not listening by monitors and my ego kept asking the man reverb console. I stormed off.

    Finally we played one minute because the wind increased, all angry and my reverb never came.
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