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Rock/Metal singer that wants to expand and get the most out of his voice!

bharc26bharc26 Posts: 5Pro
Hi! My name is Arvid and I'm a 19 years old dude from sweden.
I just bought the Ken Tamplin "How To Sing Better Than Anyoneelse" and I have started with volume 1. 
I have been attending at a vocal coach for 3 years when i studied Music here in sweden. But after all those 3 years I felt like I didnt accomplish anything, so I asked her if she had thought me right and she replied: No, we should have gone back to basics and start from there. So now it's too late, I have implanted the wrong idea of singing for 3 years and I fear that I couldnt get to sing but then I found this, I actually started listening to "Ten Second Songs" because my girlfriend showed me him and I thought he was awesome. Then I saw the video he had made for Ken Tamplin's "How To Sing.." and I started looking in to it and found out that many people really liked him and since I cant afford a real life vocal coach I saved money so I could buy this and already in the first volume I discovered things that my own vocal coach, for 3 years, have not told me, and she was really bad at showing but good at explaining, but I really like this because Ken shows us how to do it and I will not give up! I will become a better singer! Rock on! :D


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