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Range audio exercises volume 3 for Divas

JoyceJoyce Posts: 128
Just to make sure,
Almost all the exercises start at F3 and finish at C6, is that correct?

I'm sorry I am a bit confused.

Thank you very much for your help.


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  • Joyce,

    Most of the Divas exercises start at A3, and do mostly go up to C6, some up to D6.

    I think track 8 goes up to D#6 at one point, but most of the scales start out on an A.


  • JoyceJoyce Posts: 128
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    Thank you vm for the info.

    I just learned that I am a mezzo soprano.

    And I think I just should be careful as I go up the scale up to C6 as I feel like a little muscular pain
    in my larynx  (so it seems).
  • Yes, Joyce.

    Use that feeling to know when to back off.  You should stop short of any pain.  With a bit of exercise stopping short of any threshold of pain, you should gradually be able to add a note or two or three, and eventually be able to sing those same notes without any discomfort.

    Give yourself time to adapt to the higher parts of your range.  It's slow-going, but worth the patient effort.


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