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M. Shadows Vocal warm-up/range

I'm not the biggest Avenged Sevenfold fan, but I've always liked M. Shadows powerful vocals. Those D5s and Eb5s in "I Won't see you Tonight" Pt. 1 &2 are especially amazing. Wow, interesting to get to hear how his technique is acoustically! He sounds like he is REALLY good at cutting back the air while hes distorting. Is there any chance of a tutorial soon for M. Shadows' style? His kind of slight rasp is really something I do want to add to my style every now and then? It almost has sort of an overtone effect on some of his more extreme screams like on "Bat Country" (which Ken would probably be AMAZING at) or "Seize The Day".

Is his rasp technique a good example of Hyper-Glottal Compression?

Its crazy how his volume isn't as loud as you think it is.


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