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New Songs To Sing!

queenqueen Posts: 4
Hey ladies,
I just started volume 1 and would like to start practicing new songs. I am a female tenor, though I have been able to sing some of the higher notes in the diva workout. I can already see a difference in my voice! I want to sing something new with my "new voice". I'm having to relearn how to sing songs that I've sung for years! lol! I want to learn something new so I don't automatically apply my old habits. Any suggestions? I have been singing for 15 years, but I think I still count as a beginner here. Any simple songs that I could apply these new techniques to?
Let me know! Thanks! :)


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  • I'm not a diva, but for ideas you could go to Ken's YouTube "How to Sing Better for Girls" PLAYLIST.

    Scroll through that playlist, and you will see a lot of lessons where Ken is teaching various Divas how to sing different songs. Some of the songs are difficult, but Ken is helping them to learn, one line at a time, how to sing the songs correctly.

    I think there must be about 30 song lessons there.

  • Thanks for the info! I have another off the subject question. How come next to my name it says "member"? Shouldn't it say "Volume 1" ? I only purchased volume 1, and I wrote that in my reason for wanting to be registered in the KTVA Forum. Since it does say "member" does that affect what I can see on the forum?
  • Great question. Yes, there is much more to the forum that you can't see with member status. You need to request a forums upgrade if you have purchased a KTVA product. The Weekend Warriors program does not include student access, but the KTVA Volumes and PRO Bundle do.

    You can copy and paste a copy of your KTVA purchase receipt into an email to ktvaforums@gmail.com
    Request a forums upgrade, include the receipt image, and include your username here on the forums.


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