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Hej From Sweden!

Hi! Im 29 years old and have ben singing an playing guitar recreationally for the last 10 years or so. Ive never had singing training since now but i thought i had a pretty good voice untill i heard Ken :)

I found KTVA when i was listening to Nazarets version of love hurts. I can sing it one otave lower and i cant make anny distorsion at all without hurting my self so i googled "How to sing with distortion" so here i am! i recognize the tounge roll and scale exersices but im completly new to wowel modifications and going to headvoice without speed bump or noticing the break point.

I should also say i mainly sing sitting down because i mostly sing when i play guitar. But im gonna do what ken says and leave what i already "know" at the door and do this with a fresh mind!

I will try and record a verse or two from love hurts to show where im at. That will be my "before" video :smile:

However, even tho Ken doesnt recomend doing exercises while driving, i have a baby at home and i work in sales and spend like 1000 Km a week in the car so thats my best spot to exercise. I will do my best to be able to do it standing at home also ofc.

Im looking forward to this and i hope to be able to grow my voice to a high piched distorted rock voice;)


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