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Great recording hardware for about $350

So here is my review of what I think people should invest on if you want to record your voice in high quality without breaking the bank. Here is what you'll need and I'll explain how it works. :)

> UR22 - USB audio interface
> Shure SM7b - Microphone

These two items along with any sort of computer (mac/windows) are your two most important ways of recording. An Audio interface is a place for microphones and speakers to be plugged in and it acts as your main sound card. The Microphone Is simply plugged into the audio interface and then your audio interface is plugged into your computer. It sounds complicated but if you want clear crisp audio you are going to want good gear.

You can use free programs like Audacity to record your voice. I use a program called Logic Pro X which is only for Macs and costs $200. However you don't need that to record great vocals. I hope this helped a few people!


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