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Season's Greetings from UK

Greetings from Yorkshire, UK. There's some really good singers out there in KTVA land. Me, I got limited baritone range - a F2 to D3 (D# on a good day). Unable to get any higher without going falsetto which is weak and sounds total rubbish, however I've only just started with the course so its early days yet... First goal, I'd like to be able to harmonise in higher register with the female vocalist I support. Any additional advice on how to avoid falsetto would be helpful :-)


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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 9,701Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    Hi, @Fasterthanlight.

    Nice to hear from you. You'll want to just get started on stretching your chest voice. As you continue to do your daily workouts, just keep gently trying to stay in your chest voice, and add just a little volume in that D3, D#3 area. Gradually you should be able to add another note or two. You should be able to get into your call register (the register you would call out to someone breaking into your car down the street). "Hey, YOU!!!" That's usually going to be a few notes above D#.

    So, to avoid falsetto, stay in chest voice, and gradually grow those notes. Start them out small, and grow them after they begin to sprout.

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