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Microphone comparison.

Hey guys. Just wanted to know how different mics of different price ranges compare up against each other.
I currently have a brand-less condenser mic that picks up a ton of static and ambient noise from a wharfedale audio mixer. Not a really good setup is it.
So, how would something like a $100 AT2020 or CAD GXL2200 compare up against a $500 MXL Genesis or anything beyond that range?


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  • highmtnhighmtn Posts: 9,909Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro
    I can't really speak to those models of mic, because I haven't used them.

    I have an AT4050 that sounds pretty good, and an AKG C1000s that isn't bad. I recommend that you try to hear the mics with your own ears at a music store and compare.

  • It's better to plug in your microphone directly to the audio interface (it needs to have a mic-pre with phantom power +48V) - you will get much less noise and more clarity. AT2020 + Behringer U-Phoria UM2 will be enough for getting nice recording quality of your voice :wink:
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