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Video AND Audio Software Recorder for Youtube, Question

Hey everyone,

I want to record video on youtube with audio. Problem is that youtube doesn't have a software that records you doing things via webcam anymore. I don't have a lot of money right now, and I'm not looking to produce professional grade videos just yet. All I really need is something to sing with, play guitar with, and be able to record myself doing it at the same time. So people actually seeing and hearing me play. This way I could test the waters on youtube, but also be able to post videos here to get advice on form and what I'm doing wrong, what I need to improve on.

I would have thought this would be simple since youtube just took your webcam and mic and recorded you, but I can't find any resources on this that don't take the extra step saying you need a camera, something to process what the camera is reading, then process the audio, then edit the audio.

Lastly, free software is great, but If there is some equipment that does this function well, I really want to know about it or them.


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  • @Mwight,

    Give us a breakdown of the gear you have right now, what webcam, and your system specs. Do you have a smartphone?

    Are you working with a laptop or a PC?

    Do you have record hardware at all? Like an external microphone/tapedeck, anything?

    Tape video camera? If so what kind?

  • I do have an iPhone I can use for recording video.

    I have a PC.

    I have a CAD u37 and I believe it is a large diaphragm condenser mic.

    I also did find power director ultra which was on a major sale, but I'm either incompetent which is very highly possible, or its not the best for multi tracking, but I could very easily be wrong about that.

    I also saw something called Reaper which I don't have any experience, but I know Frog Leap Studios uses it.
  • @Mwight ,

    Cool, you have all the tools you need. Now it's just a matter of taking a few hours to learn to use them how you want to.

    1. Reaper is good, you can use that to capture the audio.
    2. You'll want to configure your camera to be at noise level so you're centered in the frame. You may have to use a combination of rubber bands/string and some cloths hangers if you don't have a Iphone Mic stand clip.
    3. Learn how to record a track on Reaper with your mic. At this point you'll just want to get audio.
    4. Now when recording with iphone and audio you'll want to have an edit point. (Clap twice count 321) you'll use that to snyc the video with recorded audio in Power Director, if that's what you'll be using.
    5.Transfeer video from phone to PC.
    6. Save Reaper audio in same folder as video.
    7. create new project/save all files in same location.
    8. Import the files, sync them together.
    9. Export as MOV or H.264, upload to youtube.
    10. Share on the forum.

    Everything you'll want to learn about the programs can be found on youtube.

    Selecting microphone in reaper, arming tracks, recording, exporting.
    Importing media to Power Director,
    Syncing Audio in Power director,


  • Okay, got it.

    Last thing, then I'm all set. I'm looking at getting a large diaphragm condenser mic, and a pre amp to provide it with phantom power, and adjust the sound as needed. I'm looking at this,

    Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

    And this,


    Does that look to be in order for a high quality recording?
  • @Mwight ,

    It will give you audio but coming out of the Preamp you'll still need a recorder some sort. In your case, usb interface which is another bit of gear.

    You may be better off with something like:

    Behringer Xenyx 302USB Mixer

    That way you can get the audio into the computer, and it's about half the price.

    Looking at gear under 200 dollars they're all about the same quality in parts so they sell the stuff on features.

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